Friday , 28 August 2015
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Top Ten Themes for Estate Agents


The property business is booming, with house prices rising and more and more buyers looking to take the first step on the property ladder, so it only makes sense that estate agents are expanding their websites and private sellers are creating online listings for their properties. Are you looking to create a website to help sell your house? If so, ... Read More »

On Asia’s Biggest Web Design Trends


While perusing our visitor analytics a few weeks ago we noticed a large chunk of our traffic here at Web Design Boom comes from users based in Asia. This got us thinking about the similarities and differences in web design trends across the globe, so today our post is focusing on the established and emerging design trends in Asia. In ... Read More »

Top Ten TED Talks for Entrepreneurs


We all know that there’s more to being an entrepreneur than sitting in the office making executive decisions. Being a successful entrepreneur takes a specific mindset that can be difficult to maintain, particularly when your venture is just getting off the ground. To help inspire creativity and motivation amongst any budding (or established) entrepreneurs out there, we’ve put together ten ... Read More »

Top 10 Apps for Entrepreneurs in 2015


Being an entrepreneur is tough. Along with masterminding a product or company, you have to think about marketing, invoicing, suppliers, employees and the hundreds of other elements that come together to form your business. There are lots of apps out there that can help reduce the day to day stresses of being an entrepreneur, as well as helping boost your ... Read More »

Top WordPress Themes for Affiliates


It’s commonplace for product review and deal sites to feature affiliate links, which allow the site owner to earn commission any time a product is purchased via their site. It’s become a profitable business model so more and more users are setting up sites and entering the world of affiliate marketing. Of course, with more competition out there you need ... Read More »