Thursday , 11 February 2016
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Top Ten Twitter Plugins and Widgets

Whether you’re a blogger, business owner or website contributor, if you’re active online it’s very likely that you have a Twitter profile. As social media marketing continues to become more and more integral to online success, it’s no wonder that tens of Twitter-related plugins and widgets are springing up every month. To help you use Twitter to your advantage, we’re ... Read More »

Top Ten Infographic Resources


Infographics combine information with visually appealing aesthetics to make sometimes uninspiring data digestible and enjoyable for users and consumers. Whether you’re creating a fun infographic for your blog, or a marketing document for your business, infographics are becoming part of everyday online life. It may seem as though you need years of graphic design experience to create these images but ... Read More »

Top Ten Bootstrap Templates


Widely accepted as the world’s most popular framework for developing responsive themes and templates, Bootstrap revolutionised the world of web development – and for good reason. Today we’re rounding up ten of the best Bootstrap templates on the web, so keep reading for some serious inspiration. Read More »

Top JavaScript Resources for WordPress Developers


Last month saw numerous exciting changes for WordPress developers, setting the tone for 2016 and seeing thousands of developers scrambling to get up to speed with JavaScript, which has become a huge part of WordPress’ future, thanks to the introduction of Calypso and the REST API becoming part of WordPress core. In his annual ‘State of the Word’ round up, ... Read More »

How to Avoid Toxic Clients


It’s becoming more and more common for web designers and developers to go it alone and set up their own design agencies and freelance businesses. There are plenty of positive things about working for yourself: creative control, flexibility, managing your own time and enjoying the sense of achievement that can be tricky to obtain when working to somebody else’s schedule. ... Read More »

Top Web Design Trends of 2015


Well, it’s been quite a year, hasn’t it? The web has continued to grow and diversify in 2015, so let’s take a look at some of the trends that have been everywhere in the last twelve months. 1. Interactive Animations Everybody wants to discover something a little bit different when they visit a website and interactive animations have been a ... Read More »

Top Ten Plugins of 2015

Premium SEO Pack

The internet is about to be awash with top ten of 2015 lists, so we’re kicking things off today with a list of ten of the most popular plugins of 2015. Rather than focus on the better known plugins that you’re all familiar with, like Yoast’s SEO plugin and Jetpack, we want to shine a spotlight on some of the ... Read More »