Saturday , 28 November 2015
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Static Site Generators 101

Static site1

Static site generators are having a bit of a moment, which is interesting, as they didn’t pop in any of the ‘trends to watch in 2015’ lists that came out at the end of last year, though their popularity has steadily been growing over the last few years. As their popularity shows no signs of slowing down or being a ... Read More »

Top Ten Product Mockup Templates

Creating the perfect showcase for your product can have a lot of entrepreneurs stumped. You might have designed a fantastic logo or product, but if you can’t get the graphics right, how can you attract potential customers? Well, that’s where product mockup templates come in! These templates can transform your logo and idea into a living, breathing product image that ... Read More »

Top Ten AngularJS Templates


Today we’ve handpicked ten of the best AngularJS templates that will allow you to put together effective dashboards and responsive apps. We’ve chosen ten templates built on the AngularJS framework that all boast different features and benefits, so click on any from the list to find out more and purchase the template. Read More »

Top Ten Indie Rock Songs for Audio Projects

Take a Walk

It can be tricky to find the perfect music for your audio or visual project, so we’ve gathered together ten of the best indie rock songs you can buy to accompany your trailer, advert or online video. If you see something you like the look of, just click on the link to listen to the preview and download the track. Read More »

Top Ten Handwritten Fonts


A beautiful font can make a project, while a lacklustre font can break it. Fonts are often the first thing viewers take in when they look at your design, brochure or website, so it’s important to make sure you choose the perfect font for your project. We’ve rounded up ten of our favourite handwritten fonts, so click any of the ... Read More »

Invaluable WordPress Plugins

Ninja Popups

Ah, plugins! They have the ability to completely transform a WordPress site and give users even more options for functionality and customisation. With hundreds of new plugins being released every month it can be tough to keep track of new releases, so we’ve rounded up a list of ten of our favourite invaluable WordPress plugins that we think will help ... Read More »

Top Niche Themes


While there are thousands of themes out there that are perfect for a wide range of different websites, it can be tricky to find your ideal theme if your business or blog is a little more niche. Thankfully, many developers have recognised the need for more specialised themes and have been gradually releasing niche themes over the past year or ... Read More »