Saturday , 18 April 2015
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Parallax 101


Parallax sites have become something of a phenomenon over the last couple of years, featured on every ‘web design trends of 2015’ list and gaining momentum every day. Their popularity began to boom back in 2012 and shows no signs of slowing down, though there is a lot of confusion about what a parallax site really is. Isn’t a parallax ... Read More »

Top One Page WordPress Themes


Today’s world is getting busier and busier, so keeping your website design clean, slick and simple is a great way to attract new viewers and ensure repeat visits. A site that’s dragged down with pages and pages of irrelevant content can really put people off, which is precisely why one page WordPress themes are getting more and more popular. A ... Read More »

Top Ten Tumblr Themes


Microblogging site, Tumblr, is utilised by users the world over to share images, text, videos and links. Since its 2007 launch it’s been growing in popularity and is perfect for users who want to start a blog but don’t want the pressure of creating long text articles – with Tumblr’s emphasis on images and videos, it’s the ideal way to ... Read More »

Top 15 Ghost Themes


When the concept of Ghost was introduced to the world in 2012 it made huge waves in the blogging community. It was to be a elegant, unique and simple to use platform that focused solely on blogging – and people were really, really excited about it. So when the concept designs for Ghost were launched on Kickstarter it was the ... Read More »

Top Ten Stock Image Resources


Images are an integral part of any project – whether it’s a business brochure, a blog post or a new website design. A well-placed photo is the perfect way to bring an interesting visual element to whichever project you’re working on…but the big problem can be where to source these images from. Ideally everybody would commission a professional photographer to ... Read More »