One Page Design vs Multi Page Design

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The multi page web design has been the standard type of web design for  many years. The general layout consists of: Home Page, About Page, Contact Page, Blog Page and any other pages that are related to the specific business category.

The multi page design is ultimately what most individuals are used to seeing, however, the one page design with a scroll effect has become tremendously popular within these past two years (especially in 2016). The one page design has become very popular due to its simple aesthetic that allows the viewer to see everything on one page with a cool scrolling effect. This new web design, has been proven to be a great way to showcase a product or a company’s services. There are both advantages and disadvantages for these two forms of designs and, while some of these disadvantages aren’t impossible to navigate around, they can make life more difficult at the beginning so they’re worth taking into account.  Take a look below for the details:

Benefits of the One Page Design

The one page web design has a type of vertical view (top to bottom).  The main benefit of the one page design is the ultimate showcase. Everything is displayed on one page. This makes it very easy for an internet viewer to see what a business is about without spending time navigating around multiple pages. This sleek design will often impress a first time visitor on a website and a site’s first impression is always very important.

Disadvantages of the One Page Design

Doesn’t have the navigable menu that will flip from one page to the next. Rather, the menu on a one page design will navigate through the home page instead of the site’s directory; this can make SEO more difficult.

Benefits of the Multi Page Design

The multi page web design has a type of horizontal view (side to side). A multi page design, as mentioned before, is standard. In a multi page design a web designer has the option of optimising every single page. For example, the About page would have its own specific meta tags placed at the top. In a one page design this would not be possible as everything would be displayed in one single page. Another benefit besides SEO optimisation for each page would be the page count. The more unique pages that you have coming out from your site and into Google, the better!

Disadvantages of the Multi Page Design

The primary disadvantage for the multi page would be the lack of showcasing everything in the single page.

So again to sum this up, the one page web design has the cool hover effect that goes in a vertical direction from top to bottom, while the multi page is known to be the standard and a designer is able to customise each page, rather than cramming it all into one. The one page wins the visual, but the multi page wins the SEO advantages.


The main solution we came up with to give you the best of both worlds is very simple. Why not make every page your custom landing page? The most two most important things about a website’s design are its visuals and its SEO. These two things must be flowing with one another to make a peaceful balance and result in a powerful website. This will give you the flexibility of design and first impression on every page.

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