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A WordPress plugin that took the world by storm, BuddyPress is described by the creators as ‘fun and flexible software for online communities, teams, and groups. BuddyPress helps you build any type of community website using WordPress, with member profiles, activity streams, user groups, messaging, and more.’

There are numerous themes built around BuddyPress that aim to enhance the features of the plugin and elevate it to new heights. One of the most popular BuddyPress theme creators on the web is BuddyBoss, who have designed a range of diverse, exciting themes and plugins.

In today’s post we’re going to highlight our favourite BuddyBoss themes:

  1. BuddyBoss Theme

    BuddyBoss Theme $59

    ‘Get a clean and simple layout, ideal for getting started with BuddyPress. The theme is designed to fit like a glove with BuddyPress, to the point that it feels like a native social app on mobile devices. BuddyBoss theme has a straightforward, easy to understand layout. It’s a great canvas for custom theme design on BuddyPress.’

    Buy item for only $59
  2. BuddyBoss Theme (Mobile Only)

    BuddyBoss Theme (Mobile Only) $29

    ‘A mobile only BuddyPress theme, designed to run alongside your favourite desktop theme. You do not need this theme if you are using one of our other themes, as all of our themes are mobile ready. This is meant for use with a 3rd party theme.’

    Buy item for only $29
  3. Boss 2.0

    Boss 2.0 $129

    ‘We set out to unleash the power of BuddyPress in ways that have never been seen before. Take your social network to a whole new level. Like the Boss theme’s fluid design style? Or do you prefer more of a standard layout? Easily switch with a quick admin option. Every detail has been crafted to look great and be easily editable. Customise your site to your liking, and have fun doing it!’

    Buy item for only $129
  4. OneSocial

    OneSocial $99

    ‘Suited for all types of communities, OneSocial is a responsive WordPress/BuddyPress theme that focuses on simplicity and ease of use. 

    Are you starting a small community? Or perhaps you need a theme for a large scale and highly customised project? No matter the project, OneSocial has you covered! With its great design, and its highly efficient code, OneSocial is a great fit for any community site project.’

    Buy item for only $99
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