Top 5 Tools that help you to create a business website

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It is very critical for a business to have website presence. Websites are a great and necessary marketing and advertising tool. Here are a few tools that could help you in creating your business website.


WordpressThis is one of the most popular website and blog creation tools. WordPress is free and enables people to create quality websites. This web creation tool comes with services such as Elegant Themes and Template Monster. You can use these two services to find the best theme for your website. If you choose to use WordPress in creating your business website, you will need to find your own host. This web building tool also lacks support team. This means that if you encounter challenges when using it, you have to Google search to get details from other users.

1&1 Website Builder

1and1This is another website building tool that you can use in creating your business website. You can choose from a wide range of ready-made layouts to create your site. These layouts are specifically made to suit different types of businesses. You can use pre-written text or customize the images to suit your needs. Google maps, social media widgets or e-commerce solutions can also be added to give your website a professional look. This website building tool is very easy to use. This means that you don’t need to have technical knowledge or experience to create your business website using the tool. In addition they provide you great website hosting options as well.


iPageThis website building tool addresses common website building challenges to enable site builders to build quality business websites. This website building tool is designed to give customers incredible flexibility. This means that both the experts and beginners can easily use iPage to create their websites. iPage offers site builders a range of features such as blogging tools, shopping carts and photo galleries among others. Business website builders using this tool also get the opportunity to use the drag and drop editor as well as a large template library to choose from. One of the major advantages of using this website building tool is that they host the website for you. They also have a domain and email services for businesses. Customer services are also included in this website builder.


SquarespaceSqaureSpace website building tool comes with features that will enable you to create a website with beautiful and aesthetically pleasing designs. This tool is well-tailored to suit web builders in need of sophisticated galleries, professional blogs, simple pages or those who want to sell online. The LayoutEngine feature gives the builder an opportunity to create visually rich pages with any configuration images, texts, products and content blocks. Builders are only required to drag and drop their content exactly where they want. The site then automatically aligns the content in a perfect grid.


WeeblyWeebly’s drag and drop website builder makes it simple for you to create a business website without any technical skills. The drag and drop feature enables you to add text, images, videos and maps to the site. Editing the text is also simple since it is done just like in word processor. This tool offers host, support and management of the website.

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