Five Ways Cloud Computing Can Help Your Business

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Cloud Computing

Thousands of businesses have made the move to cloud computing over the past few years. With cloud services becoming more reliable, secure and reasonably priced, it’s easy to see why so many organisations have started relying on cloud technology to store their data, allow employees to work remotely and save money.

In case you’re on the fence about cloud computing, we’ve rounded up five reasons why cloud computing can help any modern business.

1. Remote Working

Remote working is a growing trend that many innovative businesses are utilising, as they’ve realised that adopting remote working opens them up to talented employees all over the world. Cloud computing is a revelation when it comes to remote working, allowing users to share data and work collaboratively on reports and projects, even if they’re on opposite sides of the world.

2. Increased Communication

As well as data storage, cloud computing can also help your business when it comes to communication. Using cloud telephony (also known as VoIP) allows your staff to have landline calls routed to their mobiles (particularly handy if they’re on the go), meaning your team will never miss an important call or a seals lead. As well as the low call costs, many VoIP companies allow free calls between VoIP numbers, allowing you and your staff to call each other at no cost.

3. Value for Money

Investing in cloud technology can save businesses a significant amount. You’ll no longer need to maintain pricey data centres and cloud computing packages mean you’ll only have to pay for what your company needs, allowing you to save money for future growth. Additionally, less on site technology means you’ll need fewer full time staff to keep your servers running smoothly, which leads to further savings.

4. Security

If you’ve ever had your laptop stolen or your servers hacked, you know how frustrating it is to recover your files and try to get back to normal. With cloud computing, however, all of your work is securely backed up in the cloud, ensuring that your sensitive data stays protected at all times – whatever the fate of your physical device. Many cloud services offer automated backup functionality, which will help keep your data even safer.

5. Uninterrupted Service

Life is full of surprise interruptions that can disrupt your business. Whether it’s adverse weather that means employees can’t get to the office, a power cut at your place of work or staff sickness, cloud computing makes sure your business runs without interrupts at all times. Tube strikes, power cuts or heavy snow mean your staff can’t reach the office? No problem, they can log in at home and work as normal – crisis averted!