Highlights from Envato Elements

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We first published a piece about Envato Elements at the end of the summer, when the brand new service was just about to launch and we brought some exciting membership offers to your attention. The service has now been live for a couple of months so we thought this would be the perfect time to check in again and update you with some of the highlights that Envato Elements offers.

For designers who like to keep their graphic design library well-stocked with fresh resources and find themselves working on diverse projects that require engaging, unique design elements, Envato Elements is a fantastic option. Instead of paying as you go, you sign up for a monthly membership and are treated to unlimited downloads, so your monthly price remains the same whether you download one or one hundred products.

Since the launch earlier this year, the team have worked hard to add the web’s highest quality items to the site and their hard work has paid off, as users can now browse through a catalogue of a whopping 6000 hand-crafted items, including fonts, templates and graphics. There’s so much to choose from that it was difficult to narrow down just a few highlights but we’ve handpicked some of our favourites to showcase today.

If you’re thinking about signing up to Envato Elements then have a look below for a sneak peek of the sort of items you can expect, and if you need any further information about signing up then head over to Envato Elements for more information about their subscription service.

  1. Electro Boho Seamless Vector Patterns

    Electro Boho Seamless Vector Patterns

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  2. Pop GUI Graphics

    Pop GUI Graphics

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  3. Hand-Drawn Rustic Nature Elements

    Hand-Drawn Rustic Nature Elements

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  4. Multi-Purpose Social Media Pack

    Multi-Purpose Social Media Pack

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  5. Foil Balloon Type

    Foil Balloon Type

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  6. Neon Type 2

    Neon Type 2

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  7. Colourful Dust Background Graphics

    Colourful Dust Background Graphics

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  8. Nebula Backgrounds

    Nebula Backgrounds

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  9. Little Wonder Font

    Little Wonder Font

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  10. Flexiletto Font

    Flexiletto Font

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  11. Vintage Storage Icons

    Vintage Storage Icons

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  12. Fjord Brush Font

    Fjord Brush Font

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  13. Picture Frame Mockup Template

    Picture Frame Mockup Template

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