Introducing Envato Elements

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August is a very exciting month for web designers as it sees the launch of Envato Elements, the Envato group’s latest foray that looks set to shake up the world of design – in a good way! Promising unlimited downloads for a single monthly fee and only the highest quality assets being included, it looks like the beginning of a new era of web design subscription services. So what exactly is Envato Elements and what do you need to do to get access to this veritable banquet of design goodies?

Let’s start with a bit more information about Envato Elements. As the team say themselves:

Envato Elements opens up a world of creative possibilities for all your design projects. Powered by a community of talented designers, our subscription puts great design in reach for everyone.

Users will benefit from unlimited downloads for a single monthly fee, meaning you can spend your time focusing on your work rather than worrying about things like credits and download limits. Envato are hoping the unlimited downloads will push designers to try new things and step outside their comfort zone.

The team at Envato have always prided themselves on powering their marketplaces by friendly communities of talented, independent designers. They want to do right by their designers and help them earn a living doing what they love, which is why they’re sharing 50% of net revenue and pioneering the use of subscriber share.

Another thing that can make designing stressful is worrying about licensing – whether you have the right one, how you may be able to afford the more expensive license that your project requires and making sure you don’t (accidentally or otherwise) go against licensing regulations. Envato plan to make things simple by providing one commercial license for every asset on Envato Elements, so you can use any of their items in all of your projects.

So now you’ve heard a bit more about Envato Elements we bet you can’t wait to check it out and get started – and we don’t blame you. We’ve already spent time browsing the catalogue and it’s seriously good stuff – there are almost 5500 elements listed and the official launch of the marketplace hasn’t even happened yet, so you can expect more and more goodies to be listed in the coming weeks.

Now we’ve sold you on the platform, let’s talk about pricing. Envato are running special early adopter deals for those who sign up soon and there are some very impressive deals to be had, so if you’re considering joining – now’s the time to do it. Those who sign up for beta access (before August 29th) will get a lifetime deal of just $19/month, rising to $29/month upon the official launch, rising again to $39/month and, finally, the regular plan will come in at $49/month for those who miss out on the early deals.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to Envato Elements to sign up now and enjoy your beta access.