New Year’s Resolutions for Web Designers

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It’s that time of year again: time to set goals and resolutions for the coming year and try to keep them going beyond January. All jokes aside about failing resolutions, it’s a great idea to have a few achievements and projects in mind that you want to work towards as it’ll keep you motivated and on track throughout the year. With more and more designers choosing to go freelance and run their own businesses, it’s important to keep your motivation up and your creative juices flowing.

To help you assemble a list of resolutions, we wanted to share a few ideas of our own. Let’s take a look at what made the grade, shall we?

Skill Development

  • Create your own design resources from scratch: we’re thinking graphics or typography
  • Try your hand at coding and create your own website
  • Try out some predicted design trends for 2017
  • Take a course to finally learn that technique or skill you’ve been hoping to master

Business Development

  • Design and print your own business cards
  • Set up and build a following on social media
  • Update your online portfolio to showcase your latest work
  • Organise your resource library
  • Sign up to a web design resource subscription service

Personal Development

  • Try new techniques and don’t be afraid to make mistakes
  • Write about your experience as a designer, either on your own blog or as a guest blogger
  • Build (or thin out!) a list of design newsletters that inspire you
  • Get involved with a community event to meet like-minded people

Did any of our resolutions take your fancy? If so, don’t forget to comment below to let us know which resolutions you’ll be adding to your own list in 2017. Until next time, have a fantastic New Year’s Eve and we look forward to bringing you the latest web design news in January.