21 Top Photoshop Vintage Actions To Add Amazing Photo Effects

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Photoshop Actions are powerful tool that can save time and simplify your photo editing task to add amazing effects to pictures.

Creating action is fun and easy to experiment with them, to make your own action by combining of your skills and creativity to get a good result for work with certain types of photographs effect .

Adding vintage effect to images use by professionals photographer and designers to turning Photographs into retro images. There are lots of free vintage actions for Photoshop is available at DeviantArt for free download.

In this collection you can find some high-quality and free Photoshop actions that you can use for retro style photography, like old fashioned, sepia, Lomo, to HDR or modern.

At the conclusion of content we have links to video tutorials for adding a actions or Photoshop filters and using all of these.

Browse Collection of Amazing Photoshop Vintage Actions for Retro Photo

01. Go Boom Rainbow Color

Go Boom Photoshop Vintage Actions

This action changed the photo colors from dull and boring look to nice rainbow colors.

02. Mellow

Mellow Photoshop Vintage Action

This free action includes three actions plus two bonus effects for the ability to control the sharpen and contrast of images.

03. Light Leak

Light Leak Photoshop Actions

This action reproduce the old camera photo effect.

04. Retro Instagram

Retro Instagram Actions

With this action retouching the pictures to retro style effect for Instagram photographs.

05. Action Retro/Vintage

Action Retro Vintage

This is a best work by RocketLaunch at deviantart, this action include sets of six retro effects for photographers.

06. Cool photo effect

Cool photo effect Actions

This is the best action for retro look.

07. Painting Action

Painting Action Photoshop

Paint pictures in Photoshop with this all non-destructive action as well as create custom styles or customize layer panel using graphic elements.

08. Vintage / Retro

Vintage Retro Actions

With this action you can add awesome effect to photos like vintage, retro, cross process, matte effect, cinematic, nashville, sepia, hipster, and much more easily in just a single click to render effects, no external textures images require, this is tested on almost all PS versions from CS3 to CS6 and CC to works for any canvas size.

09. Pro Effects

Pro Effects Photo Action

This non-destructive one click action to apply pro effect quickly in Photoshop, this is now available at graphicriver, if you make flyers with this actions, then you not need for 100s more useless actions to get result, only this enough to make your fashion photos pop out, the final packs included easy help documents for use.

10. Film & Special Effects

Film Actions Special Effects

The steps they take have been studied and thoroughly tested, making it true image enhancers made for a blockbuster-film style look. These are not simple filter playing actions. Its results are realistic, fast, easy and professional, the original layer unharmed, for each action different versions of sizes, color tones and intensity, for the classic effects includes Lomo, Vintage, HDR, Sepia, Ultraviolet and infrared, plus for flim effects, action set included Contrast soft to strong, Brightness soft to strong, Sharpen black and white, dark neutral and extra light tone, Film sllhouette, watercolor, bluetify, transparency, dirty sharpness and glow, and for special effects action sets, environment matrix, subtle sunset, colorful fantasy, special cross-processing, retro, gothic, HDRI classic and sunny.

11. Vintage Photo

Vintage Photo Actions

Vintage photo effect is a photographic action pack that will add Old Glow, Cross-Processing, Film Noir, Old Newspaper, Split Toning, Lomo, Velvia and Pin-up vintage looks to your photography.

12. Vintage Passion

Vintage Passion Professional Actions

Amazing vintage FX pack with 50 Professional & Non destructive for Photoshop. Easy, fast and fully customizable to re-touching your images with a click of button.

13. FX Actions

FX Actions

This is a powerful ultimate collection with more than hundred’s of professional actions for your Photoshop panel – non destructive effect perfect for photographers and graphic designers.

14. Vintage PS Effects

Vintage PS Effects

With this you can give a vintage look to your images.

15. Premium Vintage PS Actions

Premium Vintage PS Actions

Edit pictures with this actions in Photoshop.

16. Polaroid Vintage Dream

Polaroid Vintage Dream

This is five professional Polaroid effects for your images.

17. Vintage Retro Actions

Vintage Retro Actions

The contains 50 professional sets for your Photoshop software to get super quality results for images.

18. Vintage FX

Vintage FX

This is a premium FX pack includes Pro and Qualitative sets for the photographers and designers who loves beautiful effect in photographs.

19. Old Photo Effects

Old Photo Effects

Make your pictures look old aged or weathered with this sets of action for maximum flexibility and versatility.

20. Magic HDR

Magic HDR Actions

With magic HDR action you can mix them and get many different results.

21. Hand Drawing Vintage Art

Hand Drawing Vintage Art

This package traces the edges lines of your artwork and extracts them from the background and transforms the lines into an artistic hand drawing.

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