Predicted Web Design Trends for 2016

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Last week we posted a list of the biggest web design trends of 2015, so now it’s time to look into the future and predict which trends we think will boom in 2016. If our predicted trends do come to the forefront then it looks like we could have a really exciting year ahead when it comes to web design.

Bold colours, hand drawn animations and interactive introductions are just a few of the trends we’ll be keeping an eye on. Don’t forget to leave us a comment to let us know which trends you’ll be looking out for next year!

Unique Design

Web design choices in 2015 weren’t particularly unique, were they? There were a few key trends that were replicated across thousands and thousands of websites and it all started to get a bit same-y. Long scrolling layouts and handwritten text were everywhere, so it’s likely that we’ll see designers bucking this trend in 2016 and trying their hand at more adventurous layouts and designs. Animations and custom drawn elements are two jolts of originality that trend experts are suggesting will be big next year.

Bold Colours

It’s a trend that started in the latter half of 2015 and it looks set to continue into 2016. While a more neutral, muted collection of colours were favoured in the first half of 2015, we’re likely to see neon, vibrant shades come to the forefront in 2016. Pair this palette with bold typography choices and you may just have the aesthetic of 2016.

Interactive Introductions

The downside to complicated, creative design is the impact animations and complex elements can have on load times. To keep visitors interested enough to stick around until the page has loaded, designers are likely to come up with more and more creative introductions. Expect interactive animations, micro movies and even mini games to help pass the extra seconds it takes for sites to load.

Enhanced Flat Design

Flat design has had a bit of a makeover lately, thanks to iOS 8 and Android 5.0, so it’s likely we’ll see more creative use of flat design in 2016. With designers likely to pare back on clutter and go with bold colours schemes over photographic images, 2016 could see the end of parallax and the rise of flat design.

Hamburger Menus

With mobile functionality becoming more important every month, more and more design elements that shine on mobile devices are booming in popularity. Hamburger Menus (a menu that’s contained in a single icon) are a great space saving idea that work well on mobile devices but not so well on larger screens, so the jury’s out on whether this is a step in the right direction or not.

Static Sites

Tying in nicely with the pared back feel we’re expecting in 2016, static sites are likely to continue rising in popularity. The rate of static sites hitting the web has been steadily growing over the past couple of years, and it seems as though 2016 might be the year they really come into their own.