Ten Free Commercial Fonts – Handwriting

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In today’s world, who doesn’t love a freebie? Resources for graphic and web design can be costly, so free goods are a great way to build up your library without breaking the bank – particularly if you’re just starting out.

For today’s post we’ve gathered together ten handwriting fonts that will add a little something extra to your design projects. And best of all? They’re all free for commercial use!

  1. Scriptina

    Scriptina £0

    A feminine font that would equally well for wedding invitations as it would text tattoos, Scriptina is a wonderful handwriting font to add to your library.

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  2. Absinthe

    Absinthe £0

    Thin and playful, Absinthe is an ideal font to choose for ad campaigns and fun titles that are meant to entertain.

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  3. Rudiment

    Rudiment £0

    Created by font author Kevin Richey, Rudiment is a sans serif handwriting font with a slight chalk effect.

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  4. Sion

    Sion £0

    Created on an iPad, Sion is an experimental, geometric font that lends itself well to media projects, including album covers and movie posters.

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  5. Cmon Near

    Cmon Near £0

    Heavy and clean but ever so slightly crooked, Cmon Near is an irreverent font that would work well for a brand that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

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  6. WC Wunderbach Rough

    WC Wunderbach Rough £0

    A strong, spliced font that works great for bold titles, WC Wunderbach Rough was created by font author Christophe Féray, who also brought a few other fonts on this list to life.

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  7. JeanSunHo

    JeanSunHo £0

    Pretty and eye-catching, JeanSunHo looks great in Medium or Bold and would be great for use in headers and titles – it looks particularly good against a black background.

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  8. Conformity

    Conformity £0

    A simple font created from Sharpie on sketchpad paper, Conformity is a chunky, natural handwriting font that’s clear and easy to read.

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  9. Architext

    Architext £0

    Another font from Grant Marshall, Architext is ‘styled on the sort of hand lettering architects used to put on drawings back in the days’.

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  10. Latchboy

    Latchboy £0

    If Tim Burton created a font, it would be Latchboy. Can you imagine how perfect this would look in a Halloween header?

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