Ten Photoshop Actions to Use in 2017

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As we head into a new year, it’s the perfect time to change up your design game and try something new, whether it’s a new colour scheme, style of design or a set of new Photoshop actions. Adding something new into your design life can inject a much needed breath of fresh air, which is why we recommend regularly refreshing your design library or learning a new skill.

In keeping with this idea, we’ve rounded up ten of our favourite Photoshop actions that we believe will enhance your designs in 2017. Plus, with every option on the list costing $6 or less, you can’t go wrong!

  1. Cinemagraph

    Cinemagraph $6

    Video is a huge trend for 2017 and the Cinemagraph Photoshop action blends video and imagery into one. All you have to do is open your video, select the area you want to stay active and you’ve got an eye-catching visual in seconds.

    Buy item for only $6
  2. Dynamize

    Dynamize $6

    Sport imagery will particularly benefit from this action, which transforms photos into compelling, exciting images by using multi-coloured lines of smoke and light to create movement and momentum.

    Buy item for only $6
  3. Watercolor

    Watercolor $6

    Perfect for landscapes or images of nature, the Watercolor Photoshop action turns photos into watercolour art. Not only that but you can create even more innovative designs by experimenting with the various layering options.

    Buy item for only $6
  4. Acrylic 2

    Acrylic 2 $6

    Great for posters, album covers and brochure designs, Acrylic 2 transforms your images into an acrylic print in just a few clicks. You have full control over the colour palette used, to ensure any imagery can tie in with your brand’s signature colours.

    Buy item for only $6
  5. Geometric Art

    Geometric Art $6

    A great option for portraits and fashion images, Geometric Art transforms your images into eye-catching abstract poster prints made up of polygons, lines and geometric shapes.

    Buy item for only $6
  6. Fracture

    Fracture $6

    Fracture was designed to save you hours of work and allows to create unlimited results through layering. This effect works particularly well for action-packed images and helps to elevate movement and physicality.

    Buy item for only $6
  7. Sparkler

    Sparkler $6

    Sparkler effects boomed in popularity throughout 2016 and they show no signs of slowing down, so this is the perfect time to start including these dreamy effects in your designs. Use simple brush strokes to utilise this effect and you can have a stunning image on your hands within minutes.

    Buy item for only $6
  8. Magic Dust

    Magic Dust $6

    Perfect for those who create otherworldly and fantasy images as part of their work, the Magic Dust action adds colourful and eye-catching glitter and dust to your creations.

    Buy item for only $6
  9. Clouds

    Clouds $5

    With movable sunlight and an editable lens flare, the Clouds Photoshop action allows you to create beautiful weather effects by simply brushing over the area you want to enhance. Effective graphics in just seconds.

    Buy item for only $5
  10. Winter

    Winter $6

    The Winter Photoshop action allows you to quickly and easily add wintry elements to your design with this bundle of actions, which includes: snow action, rain action, day to night action and a rain splash brush, plus more!

    Buy item for only $6
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