Ten Twitter Accounts All Web Developers Should Follow

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Ah, Twitter. Whether you think it’s a time suck of frivolous 140 character updates or a great place to make connections and stay up to date, there’s no doubting that it’s carved out a huge role in today’s social media landscape. There are millions of accounts in use every single day, and while most may post daily updates about their (ahem, exciting) breakfast choices, there are a special few who have broken free of the Twitter stereotypes and post compelling, interesting content that has helped them grow large followings.

These market influencers exist in every corner of the marketplace and today we’re sharing those accounts that we think all web developers and designers should be following. Whether you’re a casual browser or an obsessive Twitter follower, give these social media titans a follow and you’ll see exactly why their accounts are so popular.

Brad Frost (@brad_frost)

Brad Frost

A web designer and speaker who regularly writes about all things web-related. One of Brad’s latest articles focused on responsive design and was published by Smashing Magazine…who, coincidentally, you can find further down our list!

Ryan Carson (@ryancarson)

Ryan Carson

The CEO of the online educational hub, Treehouse, Ryan is responsible for a wide variety of web development and design-related courses, including game development, PHP and JavaScript.

Speckyboy (@speckyboy)


Speckyboy is an online magazine that’s geared towards web designers and the magazine’s Twitter account is a great place to find top notch resources and discuss new techniques.

Jenn Lukas (@jennlukas)

Jenn Lukas

A front-end developer and the co-host of the Ladies in Tech podcast, Jenn regularly tweets about the future of technology and the day to day life of a front-end developer.

Dan Cederholm (@simplebits)

Dan Cederholm

The co-founder of Dribbble and designer, author and speaker at SimpleBits, Dan definitely has his fair share of web-related content to tweet about! Mixing in every day life with interesting content, there’s always something new to discover in his feed.

Smashing Magazine (@smashingmag)

Smashing Magazine

Briefly mentioned earlier in this article, Smashing Magazine is an online magazine aimed at professional web designers and developers. They share their own interesting articles, as well as other carefully curated content from around the web.

Responsive Design (@RWD)

Responsive Design

Author Ethan Marcotte has written extensively about responsive web design, and this Twitter feed is his place to share (in his own words!) ’link-y things’ about responsive design.

Jen Simmons (@jensimmons)

Jen Simmons

A web designer who also codes, Jen is the host and executive producer of The Web Ahead, a podcast the discusses all things relevant to the future of the web.

Six Revisions (@sixrevisions)

Six Revisions

Delving more into the technical side of things, Six Revisions is a fantastic resource for those front-end developers and designers who are looking to boost their skills, with informative content posted multiple times a day.

Michael Wong (@mizko)

Michael Wong

A front-end developer and UX/UI designer, Michael shares his thoughts on various design-related topics through a series of fun and informative updates.