Top 10 Apps for Entrepreneurs in 2015

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Being an entrepreneur is tough. Along with masterminding a product or company, you have to think about marketing, invoicing, suppliers, employees and the hundreds of other elements that come together to form your business.

There are lots of apps out there that can help reduce the day to day stresses of being an entrepreneur, as well as helping boost your productivity and increase your business success. We’ve rounded up our ten favourites, so have a read through and make sure you download any that grab your attention.

WinStreak (Price: Free)


A goal-setting app that helps you boost your productivity and stay motivated for the day ahead. At the end of each working day you just have to log your three biggest ‘wins’ with the app and plan your wins for the next day – this should help keep you focused on your important goals and you get to celebrate your achievements. It’s a win win!

Pocket Analytics (Price: £6.99)


Imagine being able to view your company’s analytics on a single interface. Well, now you can! Combining analytics from Bitly, Facebook Insights, Google Analytics, Pingdom and YouTube (amongst others), Pocket Analytics displays all of your data in one handy place, so you can keep an eye on your traffic and marketing progress wherever you are.

Venmo (Price: Free)


One for the US entrepreneurs out there, Venmo makes it simple to send money to any US bank and has been hailed as ‘the crown jewel of all finance apps’ by Forbes. Allowing busy entrepreneurs to request and share payments instantly, it certainly makes the financial side of business mobile in a way that it’s never been before.

SignEasy (Price: Free)


Every entrepreneur knows the hassle of having to print, sign and scan a document to send it back to a supplier or client, which is why SignEasy comes in so handy. Allowing you to sign and send documents digitally, you simple sign onto your screen and send the document back without ever having to wrestle with the printer. Plus, it works with PDF, Excel, Word and many other documents.

Evernote (Price: Free)


One of the most popular apps on our list, Evernote is something you really need in your life if it isn’t there already. Allowing you to collect your notes, ideas, images and tasks all in a single place, you can keep track of all of your business notes, checklists and research with just a single swipe on your phone.

Mint (Price: Free)


The second finance app on our list, Mint allows users to ‘spent smarter and save more’. You can easily view your accounts, credit cards and investments through the app, which allows you to create budgets, set bill reminders and even get expert tips for saving money. Additionally, users can also get a free credit check, which is another handy feature.

Producteev (Price: Free)


This task management app helps busy teams become more productive and collaborate on tasks. Free for unlimited users, projects and tasks, it could replace your current project management software, and it means you can stay up to date with any progress even while you’re on the go.

Sunrise Calendar (Price: Free)


Described by The Verge as ‘the best calendar app for iPhone’, Sunrise is a free calendar that integrates seamlessly with Exchange, Google and iCloud. Sunrise helps you keep track of your daily meetings and business trips with a beautiful interface that automatically syncs between your devices, keeping you on schedule wherever you are in the world.

TripIt (Price: Free)


Organising business trips can be stressful but TripIt has been designed to make the process fun and stress free. All you need to do is forward your travel confirmation to a designated address and the app will send back a detailed daily itinerary for your trip, keeping you on time and organised whether you’re heading to a conference in London or a supplier meeting halfway around the world.

focus@will (Price: Free)


focus@will utilises science to help boost productivity through carefully curated music. Yes, you read that right. You might not think that music can have that much of an impact on the way you run your business but focus@will is tried and tested to increase your attention span and focus by up to 400%. It’s worth a try, isn’t it?

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