Top Five YouTube Channels for Web Developers and Designers

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Delving into the world of web development and design can feel a bit overwhelming. After all, there’s so much to learn, so many languages to discover and so much ground to cover that you might feel like you’ll never make any progress. Luckily for you there are some fantastic audio and visual resources out there on YouTube – see, it’s not just for watching cat videos.

We’ve gathered together five of the best channels that will help whip you into shape and improve on your existing skills, whether you’re a seasoned developer or a newcomer to the field.

1. Mike Locke

Mike Locke

Subscribers: 36,100

Videos: 184

Channel Link:

Why you should subscribe: A huge name in the web design world, Mike Locke has been running his successful YouTube channel for over five years, racking up a huge amount of videos that address every imaginable web design topic. Whether he’s discussing how to improve your visual design skills, how to bag your dream design job or talking you through Adobe Illustrator tutorials, his videos are friendly, accessible and easy to digest.

2. Pixel for Life Tutorials


Subscribers: 17,850

Videos: 262

Channel Link:

Why you should subscribe: A fantastic resource for anybody looking to improve their Photoshop skills, Pixel for Life Tutorials have something for all skill levels and all interests. Over the past six years they’ve run a series on corporate web design, touched on SEO and featured tutorials for every conceivable Photoshop effect.

3. Nettuts+


Subscribers: 42,200

Videos: 184

Channel Link:

Why you should subscribe: One for the more advanced developers out there, Nettuts+ consistently release videos that help elevate developers the world over from good to great. Topics have included ‘Ruby for Newbies’, ‘Debugging with the Firefox DevTools’ and ‘A Crash Course in CSS Media Queries’.

4. PHP Academy


Subscribers: 135,300

Videos: 801

Channel Link:

Why you should subscribe: Well, 135,300 people can’t be wrong! Covering absolutely every imaginable topic relating to PHP, over the years PHP Academy has become one of the most valuable resources for PHP developers. From the basics to the mind-boggling, every topic is thoroughly researched and brought to life in a clear, understandable way that’s always informative but never dull.

5. The New Boston 


Subscribers: 819,400

Videos: 3874 (yes, you read that right!)

Channel Link:

Why you should subscribe: The final entry on our list is the mighty The New Boston, tipping the subscriber scales at a whopping 819,000 subscribers. Not just for developers and designers but applicable to anybody with an interest in computing, The New Boston has tackled every topic under the sun, making videos about everything from game development to Excel formula. So whether you want to brush up on your Python programming skills or learn how to become a Photoshop expert, subscribing to The New Boston is the perfect place to start.