Top Places to Buy and Sell Websites

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You know the routine, you had a million pound idea for a website in the middle of the night, purchased your dream URL the second you woke up and then…well…life got in the way and two years later you realise you haven’t uploaded anything other than holding page. It happens to the best of us!

If you have a website languishing dustily in the corner then don’t worry, you don’t have to let the site fizzle out into nothingness, there are plenty of resources out there that take the mystery out of buying and selling websites. They’ll handle the advertising and finances for you – all you have to do is write a short advert and let your URL speak for itself.

So, let’s take a look at some of the best buying and selling options out there.



The online entrepreneur’s marketplace, Flippa are one of the market leaders for buying and selling website, domains and apps. As they say themselves:

Buyers love Flippa due to the extensive inventory to suit a range of investors. In fact more than 1,000 new businesses are listed for sale on Flippa every single day. As the first and leading marketplace for entrepreneurs, we’ve built a buying experience that is second to none, it’s simple and secure.

Sellers use Flippa due to it having the highest sales rate in the industry—primarily due to the massive size and quality of the Flippa buyer audience. Every month on Flippa over $2m of businesses are sold.



One for the business-minded website buyers and sellers out there, Latona’s is an experienced website brokers that pride themselves on selling ‘money-making web properties’. In their own words: makes buying or selling a website a simple, secure and understandable process. Browse our premium websites for sale that have been hand reviewed and verified. Get a dedicated website broker to help with decision making and to ensure safe and secure transactions.



Sedo take buying and selling website seriously, offering buyers a choice of over 18 million websites – with figures like that you’re sure to find something that interests you. Whether you’re after a website for personal or business purposes, Sedo will help you find exactly what you’re looking for:

As a neutral market place we are your one stop shop for everything domain-related.
Our products are aligned to meet the domain needs of Sedo’s 2 million customers worldwide who buy, sell, and park domains daily.

Digital Point Marketplace


‘Your place to buy/sell anything digital’. Websites aren’t the only thing for offer on the Digital Point Marketplace; at the time of writing there are 103 plugins, 369 scripts and 515 lifestyle articles up for grabs, as well as over 2500 sites and almost 3000 domains.

What’s more, Digital Point premium members can get access to free items (currently there are a whopping 167 free resources up for grabs) and many other sites and scripts are discounted for members.



The self-appointed ‘#1 most-visited Marketplace to buy and sell web businesses’, BuySellWebsite is certainly worth taking a look at. They’ve been operating since 2001 so have well over a decade of experience under their belt and boast a speedy average turnaround time of 23 days to sell a website.

FE International

FE International

‘Our expert website brokers have completed several hundred transactions since 2010. Offering direct access to an established network of pre-qualified international investors, FE International is perfectly placed to drive demand to your business and maximize value for your company.’

Featured on Bloomberg Businessweek, Forbes, Reuters and others, FE International are a slick, efficient company who use a personalised service from experienced professionals to give their customers the results they need.



Ah, the king of online auction sites. You might not automatically think of eBay when you think about selling an online business but don’t rule it out – a quick search for ‘websites’ brings back over 2500 results, so there’s plenty to choose from if you’re looking to buy, and a large customer base if you’re looking to sell.

The new selling fees might leech your profits a little more than the other options on this list but there’s a lot to be said for experience, and eBay has it in spades.

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