Top Price Comparison WordPress Themes and Plugins

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In today’s money-conscious world we’re all looking to save money or cash in on a great bargain if we can. Price comparison sites are growing in popularity every day, as consumers seek out the best deal possible. If you’re thinking of setting up your own price comparison site we’ve gathered together a few WordPress themes and plugins that will steer you in the right direction.


  1. Compare

    Compare $49

    ‘Compare is a powerful, professional, Premium WordPress price comparison theme. It comes packed with an impressive array of custom options and widgets allowing you to control the look & feel and products to be shown on the site.

    Whether you’re an occasional personal blogger planning to earn revenue from product feeds, experienced affiliate or an internet entrepreneur, Compare has you covered and will assist you to generate commission from product sales. Using the theme options and widgets you can manually add products and import your CSV product feed, control content layout, manage your own advertising, pull in your latest tweets, show your latest video, display your latest photos, and much, much more.’

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  2. Price Compare

    Price Compare $49

    ‘Price Compare – Price Comparison WordPress Theme is the most complete and thoroughly made solution for price comparison web businesses. It is highly optimised for fast performance and easy navigation.’

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  3. Premium Press Price Comparison Theme

    Premium Press Price Comparison Theme $79

    This price comparison theme comes complete with every tool you need to create a successful, well-designed price comparison website. Built-in features make set up a piece of cake and the inclusion of price comparison tables, customisable listing packages and star ratings make managing and maintaining your site easier than ever.

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  4. Price Compare WordPress App Theme

    Price Compare WordPress App Theme $99

    With its sleek, clean design, Price Compare allows you to stream thousands of products directly to your site – all ready to be compared and reviewed. The auto install feature means your site can be up and running with a single mouse click, and the endless skin variations mean you’ll never get bored of your design.

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  6. InReview WordPress Theme

    InReview WordPress Theme $69

    ‘InReview is an advanced Review Theme that allows you to transform your WordPress blog into a fully-functional ratings website. The theme makes rating products easy with our custom options and integrated user-review system. The theme also includes affiliate integrated and custom widgets to help you increase conversions.’

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  1. WordPress Price Comparison

    WordPress Price Comparison $0

    ‘The WordPress Price Comparison plugin lets you add price comparison from any source of prices for a product you can find on the web.

    It works in conjunction with WooCommerce and adds new URL boxes to your WooCommerce Product pages in the admin area – simply paste in the URL for each price source you have (e.g. Amazon or eBay) and now when users visit your product page, the price comparison plugin will check prices from those sources live for your users.’

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  2. Pricemesh

    Pricemesh $0

    This plugin allows you to enhance your price comparison website with an integrated search function, helping you to find relevant products across the web and attach them to your post. Pricemesh also allows you to earn commission through affiliate networks, with the service coming with a free 14 day trial.

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  3. Responsive Pricing Table

    Responsive Pricing Table $0

    Coming complete with unlimited price comparison tables, a custom post system and an easy to use short code system, Responsive Pricing Table is an easy to use price comparison plugin that will help you generate and manage CSS3 pricing tables on your site.

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  4. WooCommerce Pricefiles

    WooCommerce Pricefiles $0

    WooCommerce Pricefiles is a plugin that creates price files and product feeds, perfect for price comparison sites and product listing services. Bringing a welcome new element to your price comparison site, the plugin automates the generation of pricefiles to save you time and keep things nice and simple, just the way they should be.

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