Top Ten BuddyPress Themes *Updated for 2019*

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Online content is created to be enjoyed, shared and collaborated on, which is why social networks and communities are such an important part of our online lives. BuddyPress is a simple way to build a community WordPress website that contains member profiles, newsfeeds, private messaging and more – it’s the first building block to creating an engaging, popular social site in whichever industry you choose. Today we’re looking at the web’s best BuddyPress themes that you can use to bring your vision to life, whether you want to create a dating site or a helpdesk, there’s plenty to choose from below:

  1. Kleo

    Kleo $59

    Kleo is currently the best-selling BuddyPress theme in 2017, boasting over 14,000 satisfied customers. Kleo prides itself on its diversity and can be used to create a business directory, eCommerce store or tutorial site.

    Buy item for only $59
  2. Woffice

    Woffice $75

    “Woffice is a feature rich, powerful Multipurpose Intranet WordPress theme. All is wrapped with an easy-to-customise design inspired by Google’s Material Design, giving it a beautifully modern feel and easy to navigate User Interface. Woffice is fully adaptable to a wide range of applications including Business & Government Intranets / Extranets, School Networks or any Community Network and Associations/Charities.”

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  3. PowerMag

    PowerMag $59

    Retina ready and fully responsive, PowerMag allows you to create engaging news and magazine websites with full social integration. With responsiveness built on the Twitter Bootstrap Grid System, this is the perfect BuddyPress theme for those whose content will be consumed on the go.

    Buy item for only $59
  4. Salutation

    Salutation $86

    “Salutation has a clean design focused on high-level content organisation. It’s easy to navigate and promotes a feeling of user satisfaction. The well organised menus and page structures encourage a positive user experience allowing your visitors to find what they’re looking for quickly. The theme includes administration features giving you complete control of your website’s layout and design.”

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  5. Sweet Date

    Sweet Date $57

    Primarily designed as a theme for a dating website, Sweet Date contains Facebook login integration, optional membership subscriptions and is optimised for WooCommerce.

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  6. SocialChef

    SocialChef $59

    “SocialChef is a beautiful, clean and responsive WordPress theme that comes with advanced search and front-end submissions as well as community features such as forums, groups, member profiles and activity feeds. Want to feature chefs and recipes? You got it! This theme will definitely help you build a robust and lively food social community quickly.”

    Buy item for only $59
  7. Klein

    Klein $60

    “Klein is an innovative WordPress theme built to support BuddyPress, bbPress, and WooCommerce out of the box. Perfect for websites that interact with many users. The members of your site will be able to create profiles, send unlimited messages, add connections, or share important events that are happening in their life, discuss ideas through forums, and you can even sell products to your members.”

    Buy item for only $60
  8. Thrive

    Thrive $67

    “Thrive has been designed as the ultimate foundation for your collaborative online community, bringing together social networking, messaging, forums, events, project and task management, file sharing, e-commerce and even e-learning.”

    Buy item for only $67
  9. Socialize

    Socialize $59

    “Socialize is a multi-purpose BuddyPress theme making it the perfect choice if you want to create a community or social network. So what is BuddyPress? Basically it’s a plugin that lets you create any kind of social network using WordPress, with member profiles, activity streams, user groups, private messaging and much more. Socialize has been specifically designed to make the most out of BuddyPress and has also totally redesigned bbPress so it now looks like a traditional forum.”

    Buy item for only $59
  10. Live Support

    Live Support $49

    Live Support is a great way to create an online help desk for customers, and includes functionality for a knowledge base, support forum and even has a built-in live chat option.

    Buy item for only $49
  11. Mingle

    Mingle $79

    “Mingle has been designed as an adaptable and highly intuitive WordPress theme. It includes administration features giving you complete control of your website’s layout and design. The unique and easy to manage design ensures your site will stand out and be remembered.”

    Buy item for only $79
  12. OneCommunity

    OneCommunity $59

    As of 2019, OneCommunity has been relaunched with a brand new UI and code overhaul. Version 3.0 offers offers a theme based on BuddyPress Nouveau, fully redesigned to meet up to date design and coding standards. OneCommunity allows your members to create profiles, connect with other users, and create groups to enhance their experience on your site.

    Buy item for only $59
  13. BuddyApp

    BuddyApp $49

    “Meet BuddyApp, best for any kind of Private or Public community, Intranet or Extranet websites. With a Creative design and built with Mobile first approach it is a theme that allows you to build a site that stands out from the crowd.”

    Buy item for only $49
  14. Aardvark

    Aardvark $59

    Aardvark is a community-focused BuddyPress theme that offers a host of features, including the ability for you to offer paid memberships, online course subscriptions, an online store and both intranet/extranet functionality.

    Buy item for only $59
  15. Eonet

    Eonet $58

    “Eonet is a fast and interaction-based WordPress self-hosted web application for Communities and Networks of any size and colour! It aims to boost interactivity between your members through a complete web application composed of the Eonet theme and the Eonet components. Fully customisable and scalable to suit any of your project without any coding.”

    Buy item for only $58
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