Top Ten Indie Rock Songs for Audio Projects

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It can be tricky to find the perfect music for your audio or visual project, so we’ve gathered together ten of the best indie rock songs you can buy to accompany your trailer, advert or online video. If you see something you like the look of, just click on the link to listen to the preview and download the track.

  1. Take a Walk

    Take a Walk $19

    You’re young, you’re strong and you’re winning. You’ve been through it all once and now you’re ready for the second round. Win or lose, who cares? Life is about being free to take in the experience and owning it.

    Buy item for only $19
  2. Do You Believe?

    Do You Believe? $19

    An uptempo Indie Rock song, that makes you think of Brit rock, long hair and sunglasses. Besides a strong guitar riff and a solid rock bass, “Do You Believe” features unique and catchy vocals.

    Buy item for only $19
  3. Wrong Way

    Wrong Way $19

    This is an upbeat and driving indie rock song featuring male vocals, punchy drums and distortion guitars.

    Buy item for only $19
  4. Hey!

    Hey! $19

    A catchy, upbeat and happy track featuring vocal “hey’s”, whistling, claps, bells, guitars and piano. Perfect for most advertising needs as it provides an energetic, positive, and forward-moving background track with great pacing and a variety of sections for editing.

    Buy item for only $19
  5. Beach Chill Indie Rock

    Beach Chill Indie Rock $15

    A chill, indie pop rock track you can turn up for good times. This catchy track’s got California-drenched guitar riffs, new wave synths, hip-shaking drums, and a righteous amount of chilled out vibes. Kind of like The Strokes meets Phoenix.

    Buy item for only $15
  6. Rock the Party

    Rock the Party $19

    Pumped up, catchy, simple, and tons of fun! “Rock The Party” is the perfect energetic, feel good, summer indie rock hit designed to bring life to your project!

    Buy item for only $19
  7. Indie Rock

    Indie Rock $19

    A fun, light-hearted indie track that’s perfect for media projects.

    Buy item for only $19
  8. Indie Rock Chill

    Indie Rock Chill $19

    Indie Rock Chill is a positive song with a laid back good mood feel. Great background music for projects that need a youthful and uplifting mood without drawing attention away from the visuals.

    Buy item for only $19
  9. Let's Go

    Let $19

    Let’s Go is a fun and infectious high energy track for any project that needs a blast of youthful energy. It borrows elements from indie rock and mixes it with Motown and feel good pop energy. Vocals, electric guitar, pounding drums, saxophones, claps, and more.

    Buy item for only $19
  10. Clap Whistle Indie Rock

    Clap Whistle Indie Rock $19

    A fun pop/rock track that starts with hand claps and a whistling melody and continues building with guitars, a little farfisa and organ and makes you think of California and beach parties.

    Buy item for only $19
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