Top Ten Infographic Resources

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Infographics combine information with visually appealing aesthetics to make sometimes uninspiring data digestible and enjoyable for users and consumers. Whether you’re creating a fun infographic for your blog, or a marketing document for your business, infographics are becoming part of everyday online life. It may seem as though you need years of graphic design experience to create these images but there are so many fantastic resources out there that you can bring your own designs to life in no time at all.

We’ve collected a few of our favourite resources and shared them below, so keep reading to find out where you can source first class infographic elements, data and tutorials.

  1. Free

    With over 900,000 users, is an online resource that allows you to create your own beautiful infographics in no time. There are plenty of templates available, meaning you don’t even have to have graphic design experience.

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  2. 18 Infographic Templates

    18 Infographic Templates $12

    This bundle of infographic templates gives you plenty of stunning layouts that you can use in hundreds of different visual projects. Whether you’re looking for data pyramids, bar charts or a storytelling layout, there’s something to suit every type of infographic in this bundle.

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  3. Rules for Making Homemade Infographics

    Rules for Making Homemade Infographics Free

    Want to create your own infographics from scratch but aren’t sure where to start? This guide from The Wire tells you everything you need to know, with advice that discusses everything from content to design.

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  4. The Datahub

    The Datahub Free

    Know the sort of infographic you want to create but aren’t sure where to store and manage your data? The Datahub will become your new best friend. This free data management platform allows you to publish datasets and even share data with groups and communities – perfect for those who are collaborating with co-workers.

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  5. Timeline Infographic

    Timeline Infographic $5

    Minimalism is in this year and infographics that share milestone achievements rather than data are also rising in popularity, so this pared back template is the perfect way to tap into these two trends.

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  6. Visually

    Visually POA

    Need to add an infographic to your site but don’t have the time or skills to create one yourself? No problem, you can outsource the work to Visually’s experienced team of over 1000 freelance designers and they’ll create it for you.

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  7. Infographic Bundle

    Infographic Bundle $26

    This huge bundle of over 100 eye-catching infographic elements is a great starter kit for any designer looking to build up their library of resources. Featuring everything from timelines to progress bars, world maps and line graphs, you’ll never run out of new ideas to try.

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  8. Gapminder

    Gapminder Free

    With hundreds of lists available, Gapminder collates and arranges thousands of words of data in an easy to navigate resource. Whether you’re looking to find out the alcohol consumption per adult or the amount of internet users in the world, you’ll find it at Gapminder.

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  9. Periscopic

    Periscopic POA

    Inspired by their tag line, ‘do good with data’, Periscopic are a self-proclaimed ‘socially-conscious data visualisation firm that helps companies and organisations promote information transparency and public awareness’.

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  10. Infographic Template Vector Kit

    Infographic Template Vector Kit $9

    A bundle that’s made up of eye-catching vectors, you’ll have plenty of resources available to help you create a diverse range of aesthetically pleasing infographics. Whether you’re creating a timeline, graph-based infographic or a data analysis of the population, you’ll have plenty of vectors at your fingertips.

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