Top Ten Intranet Themes

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As an organisation expands and more and more staff join the team, it can be tricky to keep everything organised and ensure communication between teams is efficient. Setting up a company intranet is a great way to encourage cross-team collaboration and make sure that all your important tasks, events and data are stored in a single place.

To help you get inspired about setting up your intranet, we’ve chosen ten of our favourite intranet themes from around the web. Prices vary from $16 to $64 so there’s something to suit all budgets and organisation types.

  1. Woffice

    Woffice $64

    One of the most powerful intranet themes on the web, Woffice is a WordPress theme that comes with free lifetime updates, three premium plugins and over twenty built-in extensions, as well as six months of support. Features include a custom log-in page, project management tools, a Wiki, live chat and messaging options, and a forum.

    Buy item for only $64
  2. Chameleon Circuit

    Chameleon Circuit $17

    “Chameleon Circuit is a beautifully coded full featured admin panel theme ready to be implemented in the back end of your application, or as an intranet theme. The theme, like its namesake, can change colors into anything you want, so instead of a specific number of skins, you have an unlimited variation.”

    Buy item for only $17
  3. UnitedCommunity

    UnitedCommunity $64

    UnitedCommunity is an in-depth intranet theme that gives you  full control over the look and content of your site. It’s simple to make the site available to registered members only and you can integrate forums, event calendars, a live chat option, private messaging systems and even team chats.

    Buy item for only $64
  4. HelpDesk

    HelpDesk $48

    A little different from the other themes on the list, HelpDesk is a Drupal-based support theme that makes the perfect template for a company intranet – particularly if you’re looking to set up an internal knowledge base.

    Buy item for only $48
  5. Thrive

    Thrive $59

    “Thrive has been designed as the ultimate foundation for your collaborative online community, bringing together social networking, messaging, forums, events, project and task management, file sharing, e-commerce and even e-learning. This innovative theme can be tailored to your needs so that your members can easily share messages, files, events, tickets and forms, edit and collaborate on documents, and manage files and projects. Thrive also offers a private site option, with a secure login for members.”

    Buy item for only $59
  6. BuddyApp

    BuddyApp $64

    The main thing that sets BuddyApp apart is that it was built to be mobile-first, so it’s a great option for team members who are always on the go. While mobile-first development is booming in countries like China, we’re slightly slower on the uptake here so it’s interesting to see this approach start to take off.

    Buy item for only $64
  7. Alliance

    Alliance $59

    This intranet theme puts the emphasis on performance and usability, allowing you to boost communication within your organisation and provide instant access to your company’s files and data.

    Buy item for only $59
  8. Muse

    Muse $16

    “Muse is a beautifully coded full featured admin panel theme ready to be implemented in the back end of your application, or as an intranet theme! What sets this theme apart is the fact that it doesn’t come with presets, rather gives you the ability to choose any color combination you want, making it truly, an unlimited color theme!”

    Buy item for only $16
  9. Maverick

    Maverick $24

    Built using LESS, Maverick has been created to provide a fantastic user experience from the get go, so you’ll find it easy to create your perfect intranet site with the drag and drop page builder and numerous customisation options.

    Buy item for only $24
  10. Forza

    Forza $24

    Forza is a clean, modern theme built with AngularJS that’s ready to be used as an intranet theme or the admin end of an existing website.

    Buy item for only $24
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