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Plugins are all about enhancing the content of your site and providing visitors with a richer browsing experience, which is why a few, carefully-chosen plugins can do wonders for your website and breathe new life into your content. Today we’re going to be talking about our top ten map plugins, which will add an interesting visual element to your website, whether you use them to create regional, product or event maps.

Keep reading to find out which ten plugins we chose and don’t forget to click through for more information if something grabs your attention.

  1. Interactive World Maps

    Interactive World Maps $21

    Fully up to date and compatible with WordPress 4.6, the Interactive World Maps plugin will help you create eye-catching maps to be displayed on your WordPress site. Map options include world maps, continents, countries, regions, states and metropolitan areas.

    Buy item for only $21
  2. Advanced Google Maps

    Advanced Google Maps $28

    This popular Google Maps WordPress plugin allows you to create unlimited maps for your site that are both responsive and multi-lingual.

    Buy item for only $28
  3. Mapplic

    Mapplic $25

    Described as the #1 custom map WordPress plugin, Mapplic provides functionality to generate country and world maps or create responsive maps using your own images or vectors. There are numerous built in features, including zoom and pan controls, tooltip, categories and multiple supported map formats, including JPG, PNG and SVG.

    Buy item for only $25
  4. Image Map Pro

    Image Map Pro $19

    Perfect for a website owner who is less experienced with technology, Image Map Pro uses a super simple drag and drop editor to create beautiful image maps for your website. You can even try before you buy with the plugin’s free to use online editor that will show you how Image Map Pro will work for your map.

    Buy item for only $19
  5. Progress Map Plugin

    Progress Map Plugin $20

    “Progress Map is a WordPress plugin for location based listings. The aim is to help users having websites like hotel listings, real estate listings, restaurant listings, job listings, store listings & more… to list their locations on Google Maps and to easily navigate through the map using a carousel.”

    Buy item for only $20
  6. Hero Maps Premium

    Hero Maps Premium $19

    The Hero Maps Premium plugin allows you to quickly and easily generate Google Maps to be displayed on your WordPress site. Extensive configuration options are offered, including the ability to display all your markers in one map with the handy Marker Geo Mashup.

    Buy item for only $19
  7. Interactive Map Builder for WordPress

    Interactive Map Builder for WordPress $21

    This handy plugin allows you to build interactive maps for your WordPress blog, letting you choose between regional, marker or text display mode, so you can design the map to suit the feel of your site.

    Buy item for only $21
  8. Advanced Store Locator

    Advanced Store Locator $23

    “This advanced Store Locator enables you to add and manage all your locations and their related information, and making it easy for your users to search and locate your stores or businesses on a Google Map. This plugin comes with three types of display: on a Google Map, on a list or both at the same time.”

    Buy item for only $23
  9. Image Map HotSpot

    Image Map HotSpot $19

    A great choice for those who run regular events, the Image Map HotSpot plugin allows you to add a ‘hotspot’ to the map on your website that contains all the information about the event in question. Simply by hovering over the pin, visitors can see the date, time and dress code for your event.

    Buy item for only $19
  10. iMapper

    iMapper $19

    Billed as the best image mapper on the market, iMapper allows you to create numerous types of maps – including geographic maps, product maps and even route planners. All you need to do is drop a pin on your map and start customising your content.

    Buy item for only $19
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