Top Ten Project Management Tools (Part Two)

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We recently posted part one of our top ten project management tools collection, so today we’re here to share the details about the other five tools on our list. You’ll find everything from established apps to up and coming tools, and there’s something here to suit all budgets and projects.

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Basecamp (Price: From $20/month)


Self-described as ‘everyone’s favourite project management app’, Basecamp’s claim is regularly backed up throughout the tech community, and the long-standing service is one of the most popular out there.

Ensuring that everybody involved in your project is kept on the same page, Basecamp allows everybody from the project manager to the programmer to work seamlessly towards a common goal, delivering high quality results while staying organised at the same time.

Basecamp’s helpful pricing system means there’s a package to suit organisations of all sizes, with the $20 a month package allowing 10 active projects at a time, and the heavy duty $3000 a year package allowing unlimited projects and a whopping 500GB of storage space.

Trello (Price: Free)


The best thing about Trello? It’s free! As they say themselves, ‘You can create as many boards and add as many people as you want with your free account. For super users, teams, and companies, we’ve got something more for you.’ There are paid packages available for heavier users, but many users report the free function as being perfectly adequate for smaller projects.

Trello aims to eliminate long email threads, dull spreadsheets and a desk peppered with sticky notes, and instead provides an easy to navigate app that lets all users see every detail of the project at a single glance.

Smartsheet (Price: From $14/month)

smartsheet logo.png

Smartsheet is aimed at businesses of all sizes and their impressive client list of Groupon, Netflix and Airbnb is a testament to how useful this tool really is. The software works with your team’s natural routine and workflow, and allows you to customise the features to fit in with your daily schedules.

Encouraging your team to work ‘smarter, not harder’, Smartsheet makes collaboration simple and gives project managers a clear view of your team’s availability, workflow and achievements, making it the perfect choice to stay up to date with the project’s progress.

Evernote (Price: Free)


The organisational app that revolutionised project management on the go, Evernote is an iOS staple and should be found on every project manager’s Apple device, whether it’s a desktop, laptop or mobile device.

Evernote can be used right from the conception of your idea and will support you through to the final product being released. Your initial ideas and inspirations can be screenshotted and collected in a dedicated folder, and in-progress images from your team can be marked up and sent back for editing. Plus, an integrated chat feature makes it simple to stay in touch with your team even while you’re on the go.

Asana (Price: From $21/month)


With clients that include the likes of Dropbox and Pinterest, Asana promises to keep your team organised, connected and focused, however large or small your project is.

Asana puts the focus on connectivity wherever you are in the world, making it a fantastic project management tool for those working on a project remotely. Even if your developer and designer are based on opposite sides of the globe, Asana will allow them to work collaboratively and effectively, with you overseeing the whole process with ease.

Bonus Tool: Project Manager (Price: From $15/month)

unnamed is an online project management tool designed for teams of all sizes. The software contains a real time dashboard, Gantt chart, task management, timesheets, and robust executive level reporting features.

With clients like NASA and the UN, it’s clear to see this is an in-depth tool suited for all kinds of projects. A fully featured mobile app is also available to download to help manage and collaborate on projects on the go.