Top Ten TED Talks for Entrepreneurs

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We all know that there’s more to being an entrepreneur than sitting in the office making executive decisions. Being a successful entrepreneur takes a specific mindset that can be difficult to maintain, particularly when your venture is just getting off the ground.

To help inspire creativity and motivation amongst any budding (or established) entrepreneurs out there, we’ve put together ten of the best TED talks that will have you reaching for your notepad to scribble down your next business idea.

Sarah Lewis – Embrace the Near Win

This talk carries such an important message that it should be the first port of call for all budding entrepreneurs. Sarah Lewis reiterates the importance of ‘the near win’, where you might miss the mark but never lose sight of the target.

Richard Branson – Life at 30,000 Feet

Well…this is a man who needs no introduction! One of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, a man who keeps evolving and pushing the boundaries, as well as an all-around nice chap, Richard Branson is somebody who you can’t help but be inspired by. So grab a cup of tea, knuckle down on the sofa and prepare for your determination to skyrocket.

Alan Siegel – Let’s Simplify Legal Jargon!

Practical rather than inspiration, Alan Siegel’s talk is a must-watch for those looking to launch thier own product or business. Legal jargon can lead to damaging misunderstandings, and decoding terms and conditions and other legal bumf can be one of the most stressful parts of running a business. Siegel’s simple, sensible approach takes the mystery out of legal jargon once and for all.

Seth Godin – How to Get Your Ideas to Spread

Renowned marketing expert, Seth Godin, cuts to the core of what makes a successful advert and shares ways you can make your brand appeal to consumers.

Amy Cuddy – Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are

Whether it’s hiring staff, meeting with potential clients or negotiating terms with contractors, body language plays an important role in the world of business. Amy Cuddy shares her top tips to help you assert yourself with ‘power poses’ and use body language to your advantage in your next business meeting.

Simon Sinek – Why Good Leaders Make You Feel Safe

A great option for those wanting to create an engaged, loyal base of employees who want to do thier best work because you inspire them on a daily basis. Being a good leader is hard work, but Sinek has plenty of tips to help keep you motivated.

Elizabeth Gilbert – Success, Failure, and the Drive to Keep Creating

Particularly poignant for anybody operating in a creative industry, the TED talk from the Eat, Pray, Love success story is so important. Creativity is essential to business success, and Elizabeth Gilbert shares her experiences to help you keep going and never give up.

Richard St. John – 8 Secrets of Success

Why do some people succeed and other don’t? What is it that makes one business successful and another fail? Richard St. John has spent years uncovering the recipe for success, and her shares all of his findings in this succinct, compelling video.

Shawn Achor – The Happy Secret to Better Work

Psychologist and author, Shawn Achor, is known for producing some of the most entertaining TED talks out there. In this instalment he talks about mindset, positivity and how to stay motivated and happy even when times get tough.

Susan Cain – The Power of Introverts

Author of the famed book, ‘Quiet’, Susan Cain’s talk is absolutely fascinating from start to finish, and the perfect choice for any business people out there who identify as introverts. It can seem as though the business world is dominated by extroverts, so it’s great to hear from a successful author, lecturer and business person who knows just how important introverts can be.