Top Ten Twitter Plugins and Widgets

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Whether you’re a blogger, business owner or website contributor, if you’re active online it’s very likely that you have a Twitter profile. As social media marketing continues to become more and more integral to online success, it’s no wonder that tens of Twitter-related plugins and widgets are springing up every month.

To help you use Twitter to your advantage, we’re picked a few of our favourite Twitter plugins and widgets to share with you today. The ten items we’ve highlighted in this post allow you to do everything from showcase random tweets, publicise your archived posts and share your content with your followers.

  1. Official Twitter Plugin

    Official Twitter Plugin £0

    “The Twitter plugin for WordPress makes it easy to embed single Tweets, multiple Tweets, a Moment, or a Vine on your website. Improve the reach of your content with the Tweet button and populate rich link previews on Twitter with automatically-generated Twitter Card markup.”

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  2. Rotating Tweets

    Rotating Tweets £0

    “Twitter widget and shortcode to show your latest tweets one at a time an animated rotation”

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  3. WP Twitter Feeds

    WP Twitter Feeds £0

    “An easy Twitter feeds widget that provides facility to display twitter tweets on your website using the latest Twitter 1.1 API. A simple widget which lets you add your latest tweets in widget areas. Get started in just a few clicks and use the provided Widget to easily display your Tweets on your website.”

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  4. Random Tweet Widget

    Random Tweet Widget £0

    “This plugin displays a random post from a Twitter account in a sidebar widget.”

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  5. Click to Tweet

    Click to Tweet £0

    “This WordPress plugin allows you to easily create tweetable content for your readers. Use pullquotes and custom messages inside the body of your blog post to highlight your content for the reader and make it simple for them to share on Twitter.”

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  6. Twitter Widget with Tweet Reach

    Twitter Widget with Tweet Reach £0

    “Shows latest tweets for any keyword, hashtag or, your handle along with Twitter Reach. Twitter Widget with Tweet Reach is best twitter sidebar plugin widget you will find for WordPress. It easy to use, easy to install and has all the features you needs to show your twitter activity.”

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  7. Simple Twitter Tweets

    Simple Twitter Tweets £0

    “A Simple Twitter Tweets display widget, using Twitter OAth and API v1.1 and backup up so it always displays your Tweets.”

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  8. Revive Old Post

    Revive Old Post £0

    “This plugin helps you to keeps your old posts alive by sharing them and driving more traffic to them from social networks. It also helps you to promote your content. You can set time and no of posts to share to drive more traffic.”

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  9. Minimalist Twitter Widget

    Minimalist Twitter Widget £0

    “Minimalist Twitter Widget displays user tweets using the REST API v1.1. With minimal styling it picks up your theme’s styling to blend in seamlessly. With efficiency in mind this widget can also cache your Tweets reduce the amount of API calls your website has to make and to load quicker.”

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  10. Twitter Auto Publish

    Twitter Auto Publish £0

    “The Twitter Auto Publish lets you publish posts automatically from your blog to Twitter. You can publish your posts to Twitter as simple text message or as text message with image. The plugin supports filtering posts based on custom post-types as well as categories.”

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