WordPress Plugins to Improve Customer Service on your Website

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WordPress Plugins to Improve Customer Services on your Website

Are you looking for a customer service plugins for your WordPress website? Want to offer a soothing and robust customer support to your potential visitors? In this blog post, we have collected the most compelling WordPress customer service plugins to improve customer service on your website.

As you may know, customer service plays a vital role in determining the success of a business. Being website owners, you must need to provide the rich customer service that will not only engage your visitors but also gives them a platform where they can easily present their thoughts, ideas and feedback regarding your products and services.

And with the help of WordPress plugins, you can integrate powerful customer services into your website, without any technical coding.

Here is the list of five best customer services plugins for WordPress:

  1. WP HelpDesk

    WP HelpDesk $49

    WPHelpDesk is a premium customer service plugin for WordPress.

    It includes a robust ticketing system that comes with some of the advanced search and filtering features, along with simple configuration, custom fields, and a lot more options. It is an extremely easy to setup plugin. You just need to download, install and use it to run an effective customer service right on your site.

    It offers simple custom fields in wp- admin panel that let you customize your help desk just by incorporating dropdown or text custom fields. WP HelpDesk also allows you to search for whole tickets or to perform a narrow search.

    On the top, it makes the email configuration super-easy for both incoming and outgoing mails. So, WPHD is a pretty good customer service plugin for WordPress.

    Buy item for only $49
  2. Sola Support Tickets

    Sola Support Tickets $0

    This is our first free and probably the most recent updated customer support plugin for WordPress.

    It allows you to create an enhanced support help desk and support ticket system in a matter of few minutes. With the integration of fully-functional ticketing system, you can run a powerful and user-driven support system into your website.

    Plus, Sola support tickets comes only with a single support agent that let you buy the paid add-on to reap maximum out of it.

    It comes with a lot of advanced features including:

    – Easy to add a Submit Ticket page into your website

    – One support agent

    – Let you manage support tickets (such as pending, solved and open)

    – Get email notifications for new support tickets

    – Receive notification via email for support ticket responses

    – Easy to add priorities to support tickets (low, high, critical and urgent), etc.

    Buy item for only $0
  3. Casengo Live Chat Support

    Casengo Live Chat Support $0

    Another great plugin for WordPress used to add live chat to a WordPress sites. It is a free WordPress plugin that allows you to set up a compelling live chat system in your website.

    The Casengo Live Chat Support plugin can be used to gather questions through live chat, email and other social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter directly from your site. This plugin lets you respond immediately to your visitor’s question or query and also enhances the user experience of your website in no time.


    – Supports WhatsApp as a customer service channel

    – Install Casengo on your mobile phones

    – Customize your live chat: change the look of your live chat form and icon

    – Instant Overview

    – Manage different mailboxes from within Casengo

    – Easy to set up

    Buy item for only $0
  4. bbPress

    bbPress $0

    bbPress is a simple and lightweight forum software developed for WordPress websites. Many companies or website use it as their customer support forum.

    If you want this plugin for adding customer support to your site, then you will need to set up several other plugins to install.

    However, bbPress offers lots of unique features including, in-built notification, ease of integration, simple extensibility, and a ton of add-on plugins that will definitely improve your site’s customer service quickly and efficiently.

    Buy item for only $0
  5. Zopim Live Chat

    Zopim Live Chat $0

    Zopim Live Chat is an incredible customer service plugin for WordPress. It allows you to manage, monitor and chat live with your potential visitors those are browsing your online store in real-time.

    It is a great plugin for those website owners who are running an e-commerce website. Through this plugin, you can impress and encourage more visitors to buy products and services from your site.

    With Zopim, you can directly interact with your customers and give them a satisfying user experience. Even, it is integrated with analytics system to help you get the information about the behavior of your active visitors.

    Overall, Zopim Live Chat is a free, fully responsive and effective customer support plugin and ideal for e-commerce websites.

    Buy item for only $0


These are the best WordPress plugins that will set up a robust interactive system within your website and improve the customer services, without even touching a single line of code.

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